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Soluções Ôguen para segurança perimetral


Ôguen is concerned with offering the best perimeter security technological solution for your business, that's why we created 3D PERIMETER SECURITY - a totally new and intelligent concept never seen before in Brazil.


With the best of Israeli high-performance technology, Ôguen presents solutions for all types of electronic security needs.

Brazil's main characteristic is wide and extensive areas, often composed of dense vegetation and irregular terrain. We also have a climatic variation with periods of heavy rain and periods of drought and heat. All these factors must be considered when choosing a perimeter security system because, depending on the choice of equipment, the maintenance cost can be high. Perimeter protection devices are exposed to bad weather and problems of all kinds such as rain, wind, fog, lightning, falling tree branches, flooding, insufficient or lack of lighting, dirt, insects, corrosion, vandalism, presence of wild animals, need for infrastructure for power and data, in addition to the need for physical and logical protection against theft and damage to equipment.

Another important factor is the great distance from cities, which means a longer time for police to arrive in emergencies, so early detection is critical.

The 3D Perimeter Security solution came to minimize all these problems and ensure total security of your business , wherever it is and under any weather conditions. For this, we have three perfect and adaptable solutions to any reality: the Magos Radars , the Easy-Aerial Autonomous Drones and the SensoGuard Electronic Mines .

Segurança Perimetral com Radares Magos
Segurança Perimetral com Radares Magos

Magos radars

Magos radars are ideal in open areas, are able to detect people, vehicles and vessels up to 1 km away and cover more than 600,000 m²  by a single sensor , in any light and weather condition, even when the area is covered by fog.

Installed at high heights in the blind zone below, they have enhanced line of sight and track  up to 100 targets simultaneously using just one PTZ camera and can automatically classify targets using artificial intelligence . A new feature allows you to distinguish between trusted people and intruders in real time, another big advantage for Radar Mages .

When you install Radar Magos you have less need for poles, cameras, IP points, lenses to clean, supplies to change, cables to be pulled and, consequently, much less maintenance . Radars have greater area coverage, continuous 24-hour security and more peace of mind day and night.

Get to know in detail all available models.

Easy Aerial Autonomous Drones

Drones Autônomos para segurança perimetral

The big news in the perimeter security market is the solution with our autonomous droneswired and hybrid .

Drones are available in wired, hang-gliding and the industry's first hybrid cable/glide-free configuration . Ôguen - Easy Aerial portable drone-in-the-box systems are fully customizable.

to meet the unique security, mapping and inspection needs of your development.

Drones are automatically triggered and commanded remotely from anywhere around the world , and can take off and land on a mobile platform such as a land vehicle or vessel. Easy Aerial provides a reliable view of the sky for reconnaissance and monitoring operations, whether conducting perimeter patrols, protecting large open spaces or inspecting infrastructure.

Secure the best monitoring technology on the market with our Easy Aerial Autonomous Drones - a solution that, together with mage radars and electronic mines, can guarantee complete safety in any area of your business .

Discover the available models of autonomous drones

Electronic Mines

SensoGuard Electronic Landmines are state-of-the-art seismic sensors capable of detecting human footsteps, vehicles, excavations and accurately notify the location of intrusion .

Installed at a depth of 50 cm, the mines become invisible to the invader and can be installed even in areas of dense vegetation and continue to function in wetlands.

The mines can be installed in isolation (Stand Alone) or in sections and are easily integrated with any existing alarm system and VMS.  

Get to know in detail the models and functions of electronic mines.

Minas Eletrônicas para segurança perimetral
Minas Eletrônicas sem fio para segurança perimetral

All our technologies have:

Installation option with solar power and wireless communication

Easy and quick installation

Minimum maintenance

Low power and data consumption

Total confidence and tranquility during the day and night

Decreases the need for rounds

Full functionality in the dark (24/7 protection)

Full functionality in any weather condition (rain, fog, storms - no drop in performance)


See the applications of our perimeter security systems:

Radares Magos para segurança perimetral

Photovoltaic Plants

Proteção Perimetral com Minas Eletrônicas

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Ôguen integrators have numerous advantages to offer the products and technologies to their customers. Only Ôguen integrators can offer the 3D Perimeter Security of high-performance technology in drones, radars and electronic mines.​

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