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About Ôguen


Ôguen is a national distributor of innovative Israeli technologies, founded and managed by Israeli experts responsible for all security solutions processes. We exclusively represent Magos and SensoGuard brands in Brazil, as well as Easy Aerial. Ôguen follows Israel's security methodology focused on preventing any type of risk through protective rings to reduce vulnerabilities.      

With a team that accumulates a rich experience of acting in the Israeli army, one of the best in security in the world, also in intelligence units, in the security of Israeli embassies and diplomats around the world. Over the past 15 years, we have specialized in the civil market in Latin America and currently have the largest perimeter protection operation in Brazil.

Ôguen - ​Radares Magos e Mina eletrônica Tecnologias israelenses inovadoras


Commercialize innovative Israeli technologies that will improve the safety and quality of life of people in Brazil.



To be the biggest and best ecosystem of Israeli technological solutions in Brazil.



Freedom with responsibility

Given mission is accomplished mission



Sustainable entrepreneurship: economic, social and environmental

Be frugal

Passion for Technology


As a basic principle, we believe in using resources efficiently, especially with solutions that present justifiable investments according to the target to be protected and prioritize the client's budget. This is possible with the development of strategies that increase the quality of security and, whenever possible, reduce costs related to it.


Ôguen does not provide operational labor (guards and doormen) or common security equipment such as cameras, access controls, biometric readers, among others. Our solutions are impartial and provide the best cost-benefit for the customer.  




  • Access to innovative Israeli technologies at the best timing.

  • Extensive know how in the security segment.

  • Credibility with manufacturers.

  • Networking in Israel and Brazil.

  • We offer technologies from startups that are leaders in their category , with proven success in the field and that present significant added value to the market.  




  • The security segment's main characteristic is the requirement for quick reactions, since a delay in response time represents an often fatal risk. Therefore, innovation with intelligent and fully autonomous equipment is Ôguen's great differential in terms of speed in overcoming risks and an immediate response in controlling the situation. 

  • Ôguen works in the tireless search for new technologies that can change the way security is done, importing state-of-the-art software and hardware for the national market from the Israeli market. In addition to building a technological bridge between Israel and Brazil in the development of technologies for perimeter security.


Always seeking to maintain the best technologies and innovations in the area, we maintain a constantly growing portfolio to bring the best in the Israeli security market to commercialize the main innovations that meet local needs in an agile and comprehensive way.

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