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Ôguen and SDC Engineering form an alliance to offer the market artificial intelligence in perimeter protection

 Ôguen Tecnologias Israelenses Inovadoras
Radar de segurança perimetral

Ôguen and SDC Engineering

Another Innovation partnership between Ôguen and SDC Engenharia allows the application of automatic target classification using artificial intelligence. MASS-AI. With this server we were able to provide the service that you can check out in the video:

Agribusiness in Brazil is characterized by wide and extensive areas, as well as areas of dense vegetation and uneven terrain. The climate varies from periods of extreme rain to periods of drought and heat. Perimeter protection devices are exposed to weather and problems of all kinds, such as rain, wind, fog, lightning, falling tree branches, flooding, insufficient or no lighting, dirt, insects, corrosion, vandalism, need for infrastructure for power and data, as well as the need for physical and logical protection against surges and data.

The distance from the cities means a longer time for the police to arrive in cases of emergencies, so early detection is critical.

The integrated solution of the Magar and Electronic Mines radars is ideal for Agro:

Magar radars are ideal in open areas and capable of detecting people, vehicles and vessels up to 1 KM * in distance and cover more than 500,000 m² with a single sensor, drastically reducing the amount of infrastructure, cameras and equipment needed.

Simultaneously track up to 100 targets using only one PTZ camera and can automatically classify targets using artificial intelligence. A new feature allows you to distinguish between trusted people and attackers in real time.

SensoGuard Electronic Landmines are state-of-the-art seismic sensors, capable of detecting human steps, vehicles, excavations and accurately notifying the location of the intrusion.

The mines are installed at a depth of 50 cm making it invisible to the invader and can be installed even in areas of dense vegetation and continue to function in flooded lands

 Ôguen Tecnologias Israelenses Inovadoras
Tecnologia Israelense para segurança perimetral
Radar de segurança perimetral
Proteção perimetral com Minas Eletrônicas
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