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Segurança perimetral com Drones EG-T Mini

Erms Software

Advanced, affordable and portable, our standalone free flight aerial monitoring system can be configured to meet any need.
Proteção perimetral com Drones EG-T MiniT
ERMS is the monitoring software that allows command and control of a single drone or a fleet, while transmitting high definition video and real-time thermal imaging.”

It can be activated automatically when a security trigger occurs - like a radar alarm, for example - SAMS has the ability to auto-activate and recharge autonomously for each scheduled mission.

The ERMS is securely accessible anywhere, anytime, allowing users to perform missions from a desktop in the command center or in the field with a smartphone, tablet or proprietary controller.

Secure real-time thermal and HD video feeds. Intuitive user interface for desktop and mobile. Automatic mission planning and manual real-time mission change capabilities. Smart Geofencing. Comprehensive automatic data logging and telemetry. Compatible with any third-party alarm software. Easily integrate output power into existing monitoring systems.
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