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Proteção perimetral com Drones Easy Guard

Easy Guard Drone

The Easy Guard ground station is an independent, intelligent aircraft hangar for takeoff, landing and charging. It has an automated roof opening and closing system and is made of military grade materials, making it mobile, robust and weatherproof.
Segurança perimetral com Drones Easy Guard
Easy Guard being used

5 seconds from triggering to air

Fully Autonomous Landing and Loading

Tactical and Portable

Robust and Weather Resistant

Relatively small in size and weight, Easy Guard allows for quick transport and can be deployed at both fixed and mobile launch sites, such as a standard pickup truck or other type of vehicle.
Easy Guard Photos
Easy Guard is equipped with multiple sensors and four cameras for situational monitoring of the deployment site, which favors its ability to receive a drone while both systems travel at speeds of up to 40km/h.
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