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Ôguen Certification Program for Israeli Magar Radars

Levels I & II



Radares Magos para segurança perimetral


Radares Magos para segurança perimetral


Radares Magos para segurança perimetral


Radares Magos para segurança perimetral


Radares Magos para segurança perimetral


Radares Magos para segurança perimetral



Full refund of the amount of the Certification in the acquisition of the first radar (within 6 months of the completion of the course).

Unlimited access to the Magos design website for the elaboration of radar projects (savings of R $ 500.00).

[Post-course benefit] The Integrator who has 2 (two) or more duly certified employees with level II, will receive a discount on the acquisition of the Radars - see our commercial policy for complete information-.


  1. Notebook with Windows 7 operating system or higher with administrator hierarchy;

  2. Installed web browser (preferably Google Chrome);

  3. Google Earth Pro - version 7.3 for installed computer - link

  4. Download the NotePad ++ text editor link

  5. Have a spreadsheet editor installed online or installed on the machine to open and edit an Excel .xlsx file

For the completion and receipt of the certificate:

  1. Complete EAD journey, including knowledge reviews between classes;

  2. Attendance of 100% in person (2 periods - 1 day);

  3. Online test with a minimum of 85% assertiveness;

  4. Presentation / submission of the works and screen prints requested during the face-to-face training.

Radares Magos para segurança perimetral

Program content

  • Module 1 - EAD - Introduction + Hardware - SR250/500/1000 models
    Introduction Magi Oguen Where and why to use radars Advantages and challenges in perimeter security Models SR250 / SR500 and SR1000 Content and form of packaging International certifications and Anatel Term of Reference Areas of Coverage Constructive features Supports Types and models Actual Examples Cable 12P + RJ45 connector Poe Power Poe 802.3af Switch / Injectors and their care How integration works Introduction to the MASS Web Service Main application verticals Accessories Industrial Switches Nobreaks Solar power External Frames Speed dome cameras Fixed Cameras Installation tips and best practices Use of PPE Weight and handling of the cable Vibration Reflectors and devices on pole / tower IP radios (frequency bands) Compass Electronic tape measure with digital level.
  • Module 2 - EAD - Application and Concepts
    Doppler detection concept The first radars Differences between military and civilian radars Sight Radial and Tangential Movements Installation height Clutters and their effects on detection Mirror effect
  • Module 3 - EAD - Project Development
    Situational analysis Terrain Topography Obstacles Vegetation Constructions Big objects Paths Perimeter Invader motion vector Using the Google Earth Tool Scale Altimetry Line of sight and coverage Criteria and tips for choosing the position Deliverables – Presentation suggestion of a project – presentation skeleton Elaboration of a project with the application of radars and cameras using access to the design Magos website.
  • Module 4 – EAD - Configuring the radar and cameras
    Preparing the project – IP numbers, users, rules Preparing the Radar – Using the Radar Manager Preparing the camera (manual, datasheet, user, port, screen zoom) Fulfillment of modules 1-4 EAD grants the right to level 1 certification.
  • Module 5 - Distance Learning + Classroom - Getting to know the MASS 3.2 software
    Install the software License Language set – English System Health Configure Home Bing/Google Menu Options - Create Cash User Manager - creating and editing users Check if the service is running as administrator Install the Radar Fix Azimuth Inserting the camera on the map Closest default setting Checking the parameters and reaction with the image Onvif Device Manager I. Downloading the tool II. Checking the Absolute Move (H.264) III. Extracting camera parameters IV. Building the zoom table V. Using notepad++ for editing Building the .yaml file schedule Transferring the file into the software Restarting the service Reconfiguring the camera for the specific model Applying the validate location tweak Using Calibrate Position to improve accuracy Saving and finalizing camera configuration Map DTM function – correction of irregular altimetry Profile creation Profile Scheduler Preset Configuration Pan On Alarm Function Creating and editing Coverage Zones Creating and editing Alarm Zones Defining what will be shown in the operation map System Configuration – Understanding and Editing Parameters Plugins VI. Configuration and Integration with VMSs – concept and examples VII Types of Sent Events Performing Configuration Backup
  • Module 6 - EAD - Software and Complementary Functions
    Video Stream 4.0 Friend Target – Blue Force I. Configuration in MASS II. GPS Tracker App MASS AI III. Appliance
  • Module 7 - EAD + Remote + On-site - Commercial Policy
    Budget and pricing Commercial Policy Project Registration Budgets and modalities POCs – POC document, cautions and guidelines Questions Review of items and eventual points End Application of the test Sending mandatory settings screenshots Evaluation of the material sent, issuance and delivery of the Certificate
  • Investment
    R$ 1,200.00 (one thousand, two hundred reais) with a 20% discount from the second applicant from the same company. For CT Security members + 20% additional discount. Payment via bank deposit or bank slip. ​

Heads up:

Radares Magos para segurança perimetral

The Level II Magi certification training in Brazil in 2021 will be carried out in a hybrid way - EAD module + face-to-face module with 1 (one) day hands on, and can be done in SP with classes of a maximum of 6 (six) people due to the Pandemic status, at CT Segurança headquarters or “in company”, with groups of up to 10 professionals, in addition to external staff (Belo Horizonte, Goiânia, Joinville and Salvador) according to the calendar.

For face-to-face training "in company" the total amount is R $ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) plus the transportation, accommodation and food expenses of the instructing engineer.

Billing for Magos training is done by Engenharia Segura Treinamentos CNPJ 30.422.651 / 0001-30 - Payment via deposit or bank slip.

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