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Radar de segurança perimetral

Invasion Prevention

Agro Solution


The Magos Area Surveillance System (MASS), is a fully automated software that treats, controls, monitors and records intrusion alerts based on records from different sensors, such as: SR500, thermal cameras or Speed Dome *.

Automatically directs the SD camera to the detection location, displays, tracks in real time, and supports event logging.


Key Features:

Can be displayed on any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile using the device's browser) Integrated with market VMSs **, for recording, video management, events and optional alerts by SMS or email - Integrable with unlimited number sensors - Cameras and radars can be installed in different locations and all data is correlated by MASS - automatic command of the supported Speed Domes - Web-based, IP.

Map-based radar control interface - Integrated mapping engine - Easy topology configuration.

* Supported cameras: Speed Dome D / N compatible with Onvif S and Absolut Move

** integration with VMSs: Digifort, Genetec, D-Guard, Avigilion, Aimetis, Milestone, Axxon, Exacq, Dvtel and more.


  • 100% automated software

  • Treats, controls, monitors and records intrusion alerts, integrating radars with other devices (thermal cameras, speed domes, sensors, drones)

  • Integration with market PTZ IP cameras

  • Automatically directs the Speed Dome camera to the detection location

  • Displays, tracks in real time and supports event logging

  • Viewable on any device (fixed or mobile)

  • Integrated with in-market VMSs for recording, video management, events and alerts

  • Integrable with unlimited number of sensors

  • It allows the creation of numerous alarm zones on the map with individual adjustment of severity and operational priorities.

  • Inclusion / exclusion of coverage areas.

  • Operational flexibility and less reaction time.

  • Mapping engine integrated with Google, Bing, Open Street Map, Local map, advanced measurement tools.

  • DTM, (Digital Terrain Model) easy topology configuration and altimetry correction.

MASS AI *: Artificial Intelligence for
automatic target classification

Intelligent distinction of animals, people and vehicles

Tecnologia Israelense para segurança perimetral


Alarm is triggered and event is generated for the VMS
only for valid targets

Radares Magos para segurança perimetral


The PTZ camera remains automatically and
continuously focused on the target

Radar de segurança perimetral


Target automatically classified by Mass AI as human / vehicle / animal / bicycle and others

Proteção perimetral com Minas Eletrônicas


The Magos radar detects in any weather & lighting condition

Proteção perimetral com Radares Magos


It transmits the location and video of the intrusion automatically and in real time to the patrols, drones, being able to automatically activate searchlights, Horns, Voip loudspeakers, sirens and other devices.

Minimize false alarms by combining detection
Radar + IA classification

  • Ideal for unoccupied sites and remote surveillance sites

  • Merges the best target detection technology (Radar) with the best target classification technology (AI)

  • The combined classification mechanism produces the lowest possible rate of false alarms with the best probability of detection in all weather conditions

Israeli technology for perimeter security

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