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Easy Aerial Autonomous Drones

A leap in security
Innovation and technology to ensure complete perimeter security using autonomous inspection, monitoring and surveillance solutions with Easy Aerial Drones-in-the-Box.
Segurança perimetral com Drones
Easy Aerial offers customized options that meet the most varied operational requirements with the most versatile aerial safety and data collection systems on the market today.

Available in tethered, free Flight and the industry's first hybrid configuration, t
ethered/free Flight - Easy Aerial portable drone-in-the-box systems are customizable to meet the unique security, mapping and inspection needs of your enterprise.

Drones are automatically triggered and commanded remotely from anywhere around the world and can take off and land on a mobile platform such as a land vehicle or vessel. Easy Aerial provides a reliable view of the sky for reconnaissance and monitoring operations, whether conducting perimeter patrols, protecting large open spaces or inspecting infrastructure.
Secure the best monitoring technology on the market with our Easy Aerial Autonomous Drones.
Drones in action

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Drones Easy Aerial na proteção da fronteira entre Israel e Gaza
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Easy Aerial is a fully automated smart perimeter security solution that easily identifies and responds to any security threat. Intelligent Air Monitoring Systems (SAMS) act autonomously through a triggered sensor or a pre-programmed routine mission. Real-time HD and thermal feeds are broadcast so security officers have an immediate view of the sky for better, smarter, and faster decisions.
Completely mobile, just arrive, deploy and monitor - situational monitoring has never been easier. Easy Aerial's fully mobile drone-in-the-box solutions deliver instant results when and where you need them. Whether responding to a fire, conducting a search and rescue mission, assisting with crowd control, or investigating a crime scene, law enforcement officials and first responders demand a partner in the field they can count on. With Easy Aerial Autonomous Drones this response is immediate. Ensuring fully autonomous and efficient security.
Easy Aerial offers customized solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Monitoring agriculture, assets or infrastructure, we provide systems optimized for your operational requirements. Choose from unwired or hybrid free flight configurations with multiple sensor payload options for unrivaled safety, mapping and inspection missions. It is the best technology for perimeter security currently offered to the Brazilian market.

Discover the standalone inspection, monitoring and surveillance solutions. Innovation and technology in your Company's Perimeter Security through Easy Aerial Drones-in-the-Box.
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