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Drone Albatross

Albatross Drone

The Albatross hexacopter is a tough carbon composite drone with engine redundancy for increased reliability.
Segurança Perimetral com Drone Albatross
The drone in action
Albatross Drone Photos
the albatross is the biggest
of about two dozen different species. The albatross uses its formidable wings to ride the ocean winds and sometimes to soar for hours without rest or even with a flutter of wings.
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The Albatross drone, like the bird, was designed to withstand large flights. With unlimited flight time, an unbreakable data connection and a large payload capacity of 3.85 kg, the Albatross is ideal for extremely long monitoring or surveillance flights carrying multiple loads in adverse weather conditions.

Equipped with three hardpoints, the fuselage supports a wide range of payloads, including overhead cameras, floodlights, communication relays, loudspeakers, handle, radar and communications blocking systems.
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Raptor drone

The Raptor is an unprecedented hybrid solution with a versatile payload capacity that combines unlimited cabled flight capability with the advanced capability of up to 45 minutes of cable free flight .
Segurança perimetral com Drones Raptor
The drone in action
The birds of prey,
predators, raptors or predatory birds are carnivorous birds that share similar characteristics, such as curved, pointed beaks, strong claws and long-range vision.

Like birds of prey, the Raptor drone can stay in the air for long periods of time. Simply release the drone and let it take its course.
Segurança perimetral com Drones Raptor
Raptor operates predominantly in tethered mode for extended situational monitoring missions. Triggered by an operator command, an alarm triggered or if the sensors on board identify a pre-selected object, the cable is released for an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance mission in free flight, either autonomous or directed. It will then return to a precision landing at its ground station.
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