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 Ôguen Tecnologias Israelenses Inovadoras

Electronic Mines with great
purchase conditions


What is an Electronic Mine and what can we do with it?

Electronic Mines are underground and invisible seismic sensors for a wide range of safety applications.

Who can have the Electronic Mines?

Farms, sites, horizontal condominiums, houses, industry, borders, agro, prisons, borders, APP areas and more.

Cost-effective to acquire a mine

Quick and simple installation. Maintenance free. Many years of durability. Weatherproof. Anti-vandalism. Independent or Integrated with existing security systems. Low energy consumption. Maintenance-free automation.

Where have Electronic Mines installed?

In Brazil there are already Electronic Mines in air bases, condominiums, factories and so on.

Do electronic mines work in areas of dense vegetation?

Electronic Mines are ideal in areas of dense vegetation, work without interference in wetlands, where other systems are not efficient.

In partnership with SENSOGUARD

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