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Magos security radars are the most advanced civilian sensors for protecting perimeters and large areas in any light and weather condition. They provide continuous coverage of wide areas, drastically reducing the number of equipment needed in a project (such as cameras and other sensors) and resulting in the most cost-effective solution per m² in the security market.

Vantagens em usar os Radares de Segurança Perimetral 

Advantages Magos Radars

 Ôguen Tecnologias Israelenses Inovadoras

Magos Radars

 Radares Magos para segurança perimetral

Cameras / CCTV

 Proteção perimetral com Radares Magos

Perimeter sensors (electric fences, sensor cable, VAT and etc.)

Radar de segurança perimetral

Coverage area

Radar de segurança perimetral

Giant coverage of 50,000m² up to 500,000m² per single sensor. With detection ranges from 250m for humans and 350m for vehicles and boats (SR250) to 720m for humans and 1000m for vehicles and boats (SR1000)

We are a family owned and operated business.

Very limited coverage area. It requires installation of many cameras, increasing the cost of system design and maintenance. It is necessary to install a camera every 40 m.

Linear and narrow protection. Detection only at the time of the invasion. Without prevention.


Proteção perimetral com Minas Eletrônicas

Easy and fast. Without pre-set. IP sensor with a single waterproof input (IP67).

Time consuming. A lot of configuration, a lot of pre-set.

Time consuming and complex. Many materials and accessories.


Tecnologia Israelense para segurança perimetral

Minimum. Low bandwidth and energy consumption (low environmental impact). Edge processing (greater intelligence in operation) It can transmit signals via radio and be powered by solar energy.

Lots of infrastructure. (posts, electrical sources, IP address, etc.) A lot of data processing. Too much energy consumption.

Lots of infrastructure and manpower.

Functionality in the dark

 Radares Magos para segurança perimetral

Full functionality in the dark (24/7 protection).

Very limited functionality in the dark. Many false alarms.

Need integration with CCTV system that suffers from performance drop at night.

Extreme weather conditions

 Proteção perimetral com Radares Magos

Full functionality in any weather condition (rain, fog, storms - no drop in performance) in wet and dry areas.

Significant drop in performance in rain and fog conditions and increased number of false alarms.

Subject to false alarms and drop in performance due to storms, heavy rain and flooded terrain.


 Ôguen Tecnologias Israelenses Inovadoras

No moving parts and no maintenance.

Many years of durability. Good return on investment over time.

Constant maintenance. Cleaning lenses, dust, spider web, ants that invade electrical sources. Calibration and configuration.

constant maintenance.


Radar de segurança perimetral

100% automated.

Automatic classification of targets with AI. Friend or Intruder feature to distinguish between people.

Decreases the need for rounds

Operation limited by the low performance of the CCTV system in outdoor conditions.

Operation limited by poor system performance in outdoor conditions.


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