Radar Magus lease plans for up to 60 months

What are Magical Radars?

Magar radars are the most advanced civilian sensors for protecting perimeters and large areas. They provide continuous coverage of wide areas, drastically reducing the number of equipment needed in a project (such as cameras and other sensors).

Who can have the Magic Radars?

Farms, sites, home condominiums, hydroelectric plants, solar fields, refineries, plants and factories, wind farms, seaports, electrical substations, prisons, mining companies, logistics parks and more.

When should I think about renting the Radars Magos?

When there is still no recourse to purchase the equipment, but there is an immediate need for perimeter security.

What are the advantages of renting the Radars Magos?

Start immediately without entry; guarantee of technical reserve throughout the lease period; free update; 40% discount on contract renewal; 70% discount on hardware purchases *.

Rent (Opex) or buy (Capex) the Radars Magos?

If you have a condominium that has an urgent need for the security of the Radars Magos, but there are still no funds raised with the tenants sufficient for acquisition, renting is a great way out (as long as the resource is raised).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Another occasion that you can rent is when the time that you will be staying at the place is determined, that is, when there is a contract from 2 years old (minimum time to rent the Radars Magos), given the circumstance of time determining, you can rent instead of buying.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Be sure to see the advantages of having Radars Magos, an Israeli technology at your fingertips.

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