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Radar Magus lease plans for up to 60 months

Locação de Radar de Segurança Perimetral

What are Magi Security Radars?

Magos radars are the most advanced civilian sensors for protecting perimeters and large areas. They provide continuous coverage of wide areas by drastically reducing the number of equipment needed in a project (such as cameras and other sensors).

Who can have the Magi Radars?

Farms, sites, condominiums of houses, hydroelectric plants, solar fields, refineries, power plants and factories, wind farms, seaports, electrical substations, prisons, mining companies, logistics parks and more.

When should I think about renting Radars

When there is still no resources to purchase the equipment, but there is an immediate need for perimeter security. 

What are the advantages of renting Radars

Get started immediately with no input; technical reserve guarantee during the entire period of the lease; free upgrade; 40% discount on contract renewal; 70% off hardware purchase*.

Rent (Opex) or buy (Capex) Radars
Security Wizards?

1 - In the case of companies, it is important to note that in the Opex modality, operating expenses end up being completely deductible during the year in which they are made, thus impacting the IR and CSSL, unlike capital expenditures Capex whose amortization period ranges between 3 and 5 years beyond entering fixed asset management.

2 - In cases where protection must be done urgently due to the high risks and there is still not enough cash for the acquisition and implementation, the Opex modality ends up enabling the project quickly (very applied to Condominiums and companies that cannot compromise their cash flow with security, prioritizing investments in its core activity)

3 – The Opex modality allows for greater flexibility for expansion, renewal and management of the service level agreement with contracted companies, since the regime is for services.

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