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Segurança perimetral com Drones EG-T Mini

EG-T Mini Drone

The SAMS-T Mini is an ultra portable tactical version of the SAMS-T that utilizes a miniature version of the EG-T.
Photos EG-T Mini
Proteção perimetral com Drones EG-T MiniT
Housed in a Pelican 1440 case weighing 20 kilos, the SAMS-T MINI can be carried in a backpack, offering quick adaptability and mobility.

The SAMS-T-Mini features an intelligent 50- or 100-meter cyber-secure cable with Data-Over-Power (DOP) technology. With the difference that the drone is not stored inside an EG, the SAMS-T mini has all the features and drones available to the SAMS-T.
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