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Perimeter security in ports and maritime applications

There are over 175 cargo port facilities in Brazil, including ports, maritime terminals, and waterway installations, with over 80% of Brazilian international trade being conducted through maritime routes. Therefore, the port sector holds undeniable importance for the national economy and must be protected against vandalism, invasions, theft, or any other criminal activity.

However, ensuring port security is not an easy task, as these structures are located in vast geographical areas with varying perimeters, ranging from densely populated urban areas to dense vegetation and wet regions, often with limited lighting, making the use of conventional equipment impractical.

To enhance security efficiency and responsiveness, managers are going beyond surveillance cameras and implementing preventive solutions that detect targets and abnormal situations before any actual incident occurs.

This is where Magos security radars come into play. These sensors are installed at a height of approximately 15-60 meters, with the option to be directly mounted on container platforms or behind the line of docked ships to monitor any movement in the waterway channel. They can cover an area of 600,000 square meters with just one device, detecting intruders up to one thousand meters away, and classifying targets as humans, boats, etc.

"The port regions suffer greatly from thieves and even pirates. As these properties hold high-value merchandise, they become targets of interest for criminals who can invade both by land and water. Security managers need to be proactive in anticipating the arrival of wrongdoers, and with Magos radars, they can receive preventive notifications, providing extra time for operators to initiate the rapid response protocol," explained Kleber Reis, commercial and operations director at Ôguen.

Magos radars require minimal infrastructure, consume low power and bandwidth, and do not require any regular maintenance. The equipment operates even in complete darkness and is weather-resistant, making it ideal for the challenging environment of ports.

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