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Criminals steal nearly R$ 2 million worth of equipment from a wind farm in Rio Grande do Norte, Braz

Understand how to protect these installations

A group of robbers carried out a multimillion-dollar theft at a wind farm in the city of Jandaíra, in Rio Grande do Norte. The incident took place in September 2021, but the criminal practice of stealing copper wires and materials from wind turbines has been frequent in Brazil, especially in the Northeast region of the country, which is responsible for the majority of national wind energy production.

In this action, around 15 armed men with rifles and shotguns emerged from the nearby woods, invaded the site, overpowered the security guards, and loaded the company's vehicle with over 20 coils, valued at approximately R$ 80,000 each, as well as laptops, truck tires, and communication radios. The company estimates that over R$ 2 million worth of equipment was taken, and the criminals have not been found.

Wind farms are often an easy target for criminals because the properties are located in extensive rural and remote areas, are poorly illuminated, and lack sufficient surveillance for all turbines and towers, facilitating the invasion and escape of criminals. These criminals see copper materials as easy products to steal and sell illegally. In addition to the financial loss from the theft, such actions can also affect the power generation of the facility and lead to fires, causing further damage to the companies.

But how can this problem be solved? According to security expert Hen Harel, CEO of Ôguen, it is necessary to implement a security project that includes the detection of targets within the perimeter area of the property. "There are already solutions available in Brazil that can identify people, vehicles, and animals in the vicinity of a facility, even under extreme weather and lighting conditions, such as complete darkness. For example, the radar systems from Magos can cover an area of 600,000 square meters with just one device, detecting suspicious activities and targets in the perimeter region of the property. Real-time alerts are sent to the operators, who can take preemptive action by sending a team of security guards to the location and contacting the military police," explained Hen Harel.

Another solution that has become popular in the country is autonomous drones, capable of providing a privileged aerial view of the monitored area. These aircraft can perform scheduled patrols, accessing regions that cannot be reached by ground surveillance, such as steep terrain and dense vegetation, and can also provide immediate response with loudspeakers, spotlights, and sirens.

"Many of these criminals are repeat offenders because they steal without ever being detected, feeling that they can always get away with it. By sending a drone emitting a message stating that the company is aware of their presence and that the police are on their way, it makes these criminals flee and think twice before attempting another break-in. Additionally, the aircraft helps bring situational awareness to the team of operators regarding the incident and protects the lives of security guards by providing this initial response," said Kleber Reis, Commercial and Operations Director at Ôguen.

Ôguen is the official distributor of Israeli technologies in Brazil. To learn more about Magos Radars and Easy Aerial's Autonomous Drones, visit or contact us at +55 11 93389-8133.

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