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Cattle theft on Brazilian farms raises alarm about security and prevention

radar de segurança perimetral para fazendas

In the early hours of January 26, three men invaded a farm in Cuiabá, in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, surrendered the employee who was there and held him hostage while carrying a cart with approximately 50 heads of cattle and horses.

The same thing happened in the city of Três Lagoas, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, at the end of last year. About 70 heads of cattle from one farm and another 89 from a second property were taken. After police investigations, the receiver of the stolen animals was arrested, but only 32 stolen animals were recovered. The cattle were valued at BRL 150,000.

Cases like this are happening frequently in rural properties in the country, especially in the Central-West region of Brazil, where livestock is one of the most important economic activities and where the largest part of the national cattle herd is concentrated.

To prevent this type of criminal activity, agribusiness entrepreneurs need to invest in security technologies capable of actively monitoring their properties and detecting any attempt of invasion in advance. However, the high cost of cameras, sensors, and infrastructure to cover the entire extended area of the farms, which can reach thousands of kilometers, has become an investment challenge for farmers and cultivators.

"Over the years, we have listened to the rural market and realized that one of the main barriers to implementing a security system was the costs of equipment. In a conventional project, cameras and cable infrastructure are deployed every 50-100 meters, which requires a high initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs, making the project unviable. To solve this problem, we brought from Israel an advancedSecurity Radar from the company Magos, with the ability to provide continuous coverage of large areas, capable of monitoring up to 600,000 square meters with just one piece of equipment. Such efficiency and accuracy made the Magos radar the solution with the best cost-benefit per square meter in the security market, as the number of required equipment for a project is drastically reduced and the cost of installation, infrastructure, and, mainly, maintenance is minimal," explained Kleber Reis, commercial and operations director of Ôguen.

Magos Security Radars were developed for the perimeter security of large areas, such as farms, silos, power plants, and warehouses. The solution is capable of detecting and classifying targets such as humans, bicycles, vehicles, boats, and drones, up to 1,000 meters in advance. In the detection of animals, Magos radar's artificial intelligence automatically discards these events, avoiding unwanted alarm notifications.

"When detecting any abnormality, such as an unauthorized vehicle heading towards the property, the radar alerts the responsible person in real time, who can quickly initiate their containment procedure of this invasion, such as triggering floodlights, sirens, warnings through loudspeakers to scare off the perpetrators, and calling the police," said Hen Harel, CEO of Ôguen. "Typically, criminals, when they know they have been detected, abandon their action and flee. This is the main objective of the security system with radars, to detect these suspects before they can reach the property and prevent them from continuing the invasion, preserving all the company's assets, assets, and employees," concluded Hen Harel.

Ôguen offers a full line of advanced solutions for protecting the perimeter security of large areas. To learn more about how the Security Radars and other products from the company work, visit: or contact us at (11) 9 93389-8133.


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