Intrusion prevention

Innovative Israeli technologies for high performance perimeter protection in any lighting and weather condition.

The Magos radars detect intrusion up to 1 KM * in different types of terrain. They also have the best cost-benefit per protected m². Electronic Landmines detect human steps, vehicles and excavations even in areas of dense vegetation.

Do not be caught off guard, anticipate an invasion so that it does not occur.

Wizards radar

Magar radars are the most advanced civilian sensors for protecting perimeters and large areas. They provide continuous coverage of large areas, drastically reducing the number of equipment needed in a project (such as cameras and other sensors) and resulting in the most cost-effective solution per m² in the security market.

Long Range Radars for Perimeter Protection

SR 250

SensoGuard MINA Electronics

SensoGuard - MINA Electronics

Innovative underground seismic sensor solutions for a wide range of security applications, such as protecting perimeters and critical areas.

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