High-performance Perimeter Protection Radar 


The SR-500 radar is the most advanced civil solution in perimeter protection. It’s efficiency makes it also show the best cost-benefit.

It can be used in both rural or high density environments, without compromising it’s high-performance detection.

Through the use of cutting-edge MIMO & Digital beam formation technology, the SR-500 radar possess a coverage capacity of over 250.000 m² (>61 acres), with a detection range of 400m for humans and 600m for vehicles and boats.

Detection Range

Azimuth Coverage

Elevation Coverage

For allowing the continuous coverage of vast areas, the necessary number of sensors and cameras is tremendously reduced, bringing a lower cost in regards to perimeter security.

It’s high-resolution gamma make it show excellent performance in clogged zones and fire a minimum of false alarms.

Range Accuracy

As the radar system uses the C Band to detect persons and objects, it’s performance is excellent in all light and climate conditions, including rain, fog and snow, and do not show detection ‘gaps’.


Low weight

SR-500 possesses an extremely low energy consumption (>3,5W) and allows for solar powering. It’s compact format and light weight (1.5kg) make it’s installation easy and maintenance costs minimum.

Easily integrated with multiple security control software (VMS, PSIM), and with security cameras (day and night) Speed Dome – PTZ that offer high-resolution video and thermionic images, with ‘slew-to-cue’ skills.

Complete perimeter protection solution – integrated camera and radar:

The radar detects an object and it’s coordinates, then send them to the Speed Dome – PTZ cameras that automatically start to follow the target according to the coordinates received. After identifying the target, the security team can decide on the best reaction, while receiving information from the radar during the entire event, even with mobile (tablet and celphone).

Port perimeter protection - using 19 radars >20 Speed Dome - PTZ câmeras

Prison perimeter protection - using 4 radars and 2 cameras in 2 poles

It protects critical areas in the most remote locations

The integrated solution (radar and cameras) is also great for isolated facilities. As it’s consumption is of less than 3.5W, allows installation of solar batteries, wireless communication and requires extremely low bandwidth to send information to the control center, allowing the right course of action to be taken.



Condos, farms, etc.


Oil refineries



Solar Fields

Train stations

Electric stations

Water treatment plants


Sensor type

High resolution MIMO digital beam-forming radar


C Band

Detection range

Up to 100m Drone / 400m Human / & 600m Vehicle or Boat

No moving parts

MTBF of 50,000 Hours

Built in tracker

Extremely low required bandwidth (<1kbps)

Scan rate

2 scans per second

Azimuth coverage


Elevation coverage


High Range accuracy

< 1m

Azimuth accuracy

Target detection speed

0,3 – 30 m/sec


48V, <3,5W

System interface

Ethernet (PoE)


250mm(w) x 150mm(h) x 59mm(d)\9.8°(w) x 5.8°(h) x 2.3"(d)


1.5Kg\3.3 Pounds


Full outdoor functionality, IP67. FCC & CE compliant

Our Business Model

We act as both an importer and supplier company for the SR-500 radars. And to bring greater efficiency and better cost-benefit for the end costumer, work together with a network of accredited and trained integrators.



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