Working 24 hours a day, just like your business - Solution for seaports

Maximum Security together with greater sustainability - Wind Farm Solution

Ports operate 24 hours a day and cannot stop even in times of crisis. The operation becomes increasingly automated, reducing human involvement in logistics processes.

Port security cannot stop for maintenance and must operate even when climatic conditions are not favorable, as it is an essential service.

The Magar radar solution is ideal for seaports:

Magar radars are ideal in open areas and capable of detecting people, vehicles and vessels up to 1 KM * in distance and cover more than 500,000 m² with a single sensor, drastically reducing the amount of infrastructure, cameras and equipment needed.

Simultaneously track up to 100 targets using only one PTZ camera and can automatically classify targets using artificial intelligence. A new feature allows you to distinguish between trusted targets and attackers in real time.

The vertical coverage of 30º allows the installation of the radars at a height that varies between 9 and 20m without creating a shadow area below the radar, with this the line of sight is enhanced.

In Brazil, there are radars installed in ports at a height of 59 m and monitoring the movement of ships in the water channel 24h even in foggy conditions.

The integration with the main Vms in the market, allows to carry out automated operations when identifying intrusions, such as directing Drones, turning on lights, activating loudspeakers, sirens and much more, without the operator's intervention.


  • Allows installation with solar power and wireless communication

  • IP solution. Easy and quick installation.

  • Minimal maintenance.

  • Low power and data consumption

  • Total confidence and tranquility during the day and night.

  • Decreases the need for rounds.

  • Full functionality in the dark (24/7 protection)

  • Full functionality in any weather condition (rain, fog, storms - no drop in performance)

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