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Solar farm security with perimeter radars

solar farm security

As companies and industries throughout Brazil turn to solar energy as a strategic, economical, and sustainable alternative for electricity, it is essential for these companies to address the issue of security, both for the property and its assets. This is because photovoltaic energy production equipment, such as solar panels and converters, are often targeted by criminals.

Furthermore, solar farm sites are usually determined by weather conditions and space requirements for the panels. As a result, these installations are deployed in large areas, spanning kilometers, and in remote regions with little urban activity, making them prone to vandalism, invasions, and theft.

"To combat the threats that jeopardize solar farms, a multi-layered security approach is necessary, with early detection being the key layer. Identifying a target still at the perimeter of the property gives the security team the opportunity to apprehend criminals before they cause any damage to the installation and its assets, thus preventing millions in losses," said Hen Harel, security expert and CEO of Ôguen, a Brazilian company that distributes innovative Israeli technologies.

According to the expert, the ideal solution to protect large outdoor perimeter areas is the long-range radars from Magos. This is because the system requires minimal infrastructure, avoiding overloading the limited communication and electrical structures available in solar parks. Additionally, the radars utilize sophisticated AI-based video algorithms, eliminating annoying false alarms caused, in most cases, by abundant wildlife in the property area.

Magos radars can cover 600,000 square meters with just one device at a distance of 1,000 meters, providing coverage of 120 to 360 degrees, depending on the radar model. The integrated MASS+AI software is capable of automatically classifying targets as humans, animals, vehicles, and vessels, detecting up to 100 targets.

"Due to the characteristic and challenging environment of solar farms, security equipment installed on-site needs to operate under adverse environmental conditions, such as intense exposure to sunlight, dust, rain, and storms. Magos radars have no external limitations, such as lighting and weather conditions, providing higher technological advantage, resulting in minimal inconvenience and false alarms, as well as lower ownership costs for infrastructure and maintenance," explained Kleber Reis, Commercial and Operations Director of Ôguen.

If you want to learn more about Magos Radars and how they can benefit your security project, visit: or contact us at +1 (123) 456-7890.

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