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Ports: Innovative security for a challenging environment

Protecting ports against threats is an increasingly complex challenge, considering the constant evolution of maritime properties and emerging risks. Monitoring and effectively securing extensive perimeters exposed to adverse weather conditions become essential to ensure the safety of port operations and international trade.

One of the main obstacles faced by ports is managing multiple points of entry, including vehicular, pedestrian, and maritime accesses. The diversity of potential vulnerabilities requires innovative solutions and advanced technologies to maintain a secure and threat-free port environment.

To address these challenges, Ôguen, bringing cutting-edge technologies directly from Israel, presents solutions that have revolutionized security in Brazilian ports.

One of the key tools is the Magos radar system, a robust equipment capable of covering extensive areas with high precision. The radars can detect, identify, and classify up to 100 targets simultaneously, even under adverse conditions such as fog, storms, and complete darkness. Their installation at heights between 3 and 15 meters ensures wide coverage without blind spots and excellent performance, even at higher altitudes.

Magos radars provide a comprehensive view of the port perimeter, allowing real-time detection of intrusions and suspicious activities. Continuous and accurate monitoring capability is essential to ensure the safety of port operations and to act promptly in case of threats.

Complementing the radar system, Ôguen has brought an automated drone solution to Brazil, an agile and versatile tool to reinforce port security. Drones can reach hard-to-access areas, such as spaces between containers, ship hulls, wet areas, and dense vegetation, providing detailed aerial images that are crucial for identifying potentially vulnerable points.

These aircraft are especially useful for scheduled patrols, constant monitoring, routine inspections, and rapid response to emergencies. By combining the intrusion detection capabilities of Magos radars with the agility and mobility of drones, ports can significantly enhance their security capacity and protection against external threats.

Through the implementation of these innovative technologies, Brazilian ports can enhance their security, ensuring the continuity of commercial operations and the safe flow of cargo. Investing in advanced and effective solutions is a crucial step in facing present and future challenges, maintaining ports as fundamental pillars of international trade, and contributing to the country's economic development.

Interested in these solutions? To learn more, visit: or contact us at +55 11 93389-8133.

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