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Perimeter security for logistics centers with drones

Distribution centers (DCs) are a vital part of the logistics sector, and protecting them against potential security threats is essential for the success of any supply chain. One area that requires particular attention is the perimeter; physical barriers such as fences, walls, and gates limit the access of unauthorized individuals and vehicles but can be overcome by vandals and criminals.

"Logistics centers are often located in strategic areas, in more remote locations with multiple highway exits to facilitate the transportation of goods. However, while this simplifies distribution, it also presents an opportunity for criminals to invade, commit theft, and quickly flee. Many of these properties are also surrounded by dense vegetation, which hinders conventional monitoring if wrongdoers camouflage themselves in these areas," explained Hen Harel, security expert and CEO of Ôguen.

To protect their operations, companies are employing innovative security methods, and one of them is perimeter monitoring with drones. These aircraft can perform aerial surveillance, schedule patrols, respond to incidents, conduct inspections, and offer other possibilities.

"DCs are large facilities, and security guards on foot or motorcycles are responsible for patrolling the property. When an event occurs, it also takes them considerable time to reach the location. With drones, patrols can be programmed and conducted automatically by the aircraft. Moreover, in the case of an incident, operators can deploy them to gain situational awareness. In addition to being a faster and more agile response, it also exposes the guards to less direct risk against criminals," said Kleber Reis, commercial and operations director at Ôguen.

Drones can be used in various ways in a logistics center, such as:

• Aerial monitoring of cargo movements;

• Coverage of access points, such as vehicle and personnel entry and exit;

• Detection of abnormal situations, such as vehicles parked in inappropriate areas;

• Comprehensive monitoring of all areas, including the perimeter and warehouses;

• Guidance tool for employees and visitors, using speakers attached to the aircraft;

• Inspections of roofs, gutters, machinery, and structures;

• Detection of intruders in vegetated areas using thermal cameras;

• And other applications.

Want to learn more about how to protect your logistics center with drones? Contact Ôguen and find out more. Visit: or call us at +55 11 93389-8133.

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