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Perimeter Security: Enhancing Situational Awareness in Logistics Centers with Radars and Drones

Perimeter Security: Enhancing Situational Awareness in Logistics Centers with Radars and Drones

Relying solely on traditional surveillance systems like CCTV, alarms, and security guards for property security presents limitations such as human error, false alarms, slow response times, and the inability to efficiently process and analyze large volumes of data.

Com o objetivo de superar essas limitações e proporcionar uma segurança eficaz, duas soluções se destacam: o Radar de Segurança Magos e os Drones Automatizados Easy Aerial, equipamentos israelenses disponibilizados no Brasil pela empresa Ôguen.

To overcome these limitations and provide effective security, two standout solutions are the Magos security radar and Easy Aerial autonomous drones, Israeli equipment made available in Brazil by Ôguen.

Magos security radar is a high-performance device designed to cover large areas, with a single unit capable of monitoring an extension of up to 600,000 square meters. Its main function is to detect intruders attempting to enter a property in advance, classifying them as animals, humans, vehicles, among others. With a range of up to 1,000 meters, the radar provides security operators with valuable time to respond to incidents. Additionally, it can simultaneously identify up to 100 targets regardless of weather conditions such as heavy rain or reduced visibility.

On the other hand, the Easy Aerial autonomous drones are highly efficient for aerial monitoring of the entire facility. These aircraft can perform scheduled perimeter patrols, specific monitoring missions, and offer a rapid response to incidents. Compared to a ground-based security guard, drones provide an unprecedented response speed, allowing security operators to obtain real-time information about perimeter activities in a matter of seconds. The live transmission of drone footage enables immediate situational visualization. Furthermore, the aircraft can be equipped with thermal cameras, speakers, and spotlights, features that enable the identification of intruders even in complete darkness and deter these criminals by transmitting warning messages through the speakers.

The drones are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and designed to detect intruders while extracting valuable insights and actionable intelligence from the collected data. By utilizing advanced analytics and deep learning algorithms, these systems can identify suspicious objects, individuals, and behaviors in real-time. The AI algorithms allow differentiation between normal activities and unauthorized access attempts, loitering, or abandoned objects, such as a vehicle parked in a restricted area, generating instant alerts for security personnel to respond promptly.

By employing security radars and automated drones, logistics centers can enhance their situational awareness and strengthen perimeter security. These technological solutions provide comprehensive property coverage, detecting potential intruders in advance and delivering real-time information for immediate response. The combination of wide radar coverage and the mobility and agility of drones results in an efficient security system capable of handling diverse challenges and ensuring the protection of distribution centers against invasions, vandalism, and theft.

To learn more about the solutions provided by Ôguen, visit: or contact them at +55 11 93389-8133.

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