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How to protect over half a million square meters with just one radar

One of the biggest challenges faced in the perimeter security of extensive areas is the quantity of equipment needed to cover the entire property. Security managers need to approve projects with hundreds of cameras and sensors, resulting in a high cost to implement the solution.

Furthermore, under unfavorable weather conditions such as rainy or intensely foggy days, the cameras' visibility is compromised, affecting the effectiveness of the security system.

However, an innovative solution is revolutionizing perimeter security: the Magos radar. With just one piece of equipment, it's possible to protect an area of up to 600,000 square meters. This radar can detect people, animals, vehicles and drones, among others, at a distance of one thousand meters, and can simultaneously identify up to 100 targets.

One of the significant advantages of this solution, besides its powerful coverage, is its minimal need for infrastructure and maintenance. The radar is also resistant to adverse weather conditions such as storms, fog, or even complete darkness. This means that even in challenging moments, the radar operates with the same efficiency, identifying any invasion attempts.

This perimeter security solution is especially relevant for locations like logistics centers. Only in 2022, Brazil ended the year with more than 2.7 million square meters of high-standard warehouses in the country, according to the SiiLA platform. Distribution centers often store and transport high-value-added products and receive a high flow of people and vehicles daily, making them a frequent target for criminals.

For this reason, such locations need a robust and efficient security system.

"The Magos radar provides broad and precise coverage, significantly reducing the number of equipment used in a perimeter security project, making it the most cost-effective solution in the market. With it, it's possible to protect the entire area, ensuring the protection and peace of mind that logistics centers and their operators need. This way, instead of using hundreds or even thousands of cameras, alarms, and sensors, by choosing Magos, the manager can use a small number of cameras and radars, depending on the project," said Hen Harel, CEO of Ôguen.

Each radar replaces a large number of fixed cameras

Magos radars are available in Brazil through Ôguen, the official representative of the Magos brand in the country. To learn more about how the solution works, visit or contact them at +55 11 93389-8133.

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