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How to protect distribution centers from criminals

In addition to material damage, such actions leave lasting marks on both employees and the companies’ reputation, further amplifying the incurred losses. "Securing distribution centers is a major challenge due to their large size and high vehicle and human traffic. Therefore, the project requires a layered security approach to protect the premises, starting with the perimeter area," explained Hen Harel, security expert and CEO of Ôguen.

According to the expert, one of the strategies is to expand the line of sight, allowing intruders to be detected in advance, while still distant from the warehouses and people. For example, the Magos radar provides coverage from 50,000 up to 500,000 square meters with just one device, detecting people, animals, and vehicles up to a distance of 1,000 meters. This enables operators to be alerted proactively about any non-compliance, allowing them to act swiftly against the event.

"The radars can detect up to 100 targets simultaneously and classify them. Furthermore, within the radar management platform, it is possible to create alarm zones, determining priority levels through layered differentiated treatments. For example, the closer to the property, the more urgent the occurrence," Hen Harel explained.

The solution is weather-resistant, capable of operating under heavy rain or excessive heat, and maintains performance regardless of lighting conditions, being able to detect targets even in complete darkness.

"Many distribution centers rely solely on security cameras. However, in the event of a storm or fog, for instance, the property becomes vulnerable to invasions. By integrating PTZ cameras with the Magos radar, the project becomes fully protected. Even if the camera fails to provide an image of the situation to the operator, they already receive information from the radar about the number of people invading, whether on foot or in vehicles, among other details," said Kleber Reis, commercial and operations director at Ôguen.

To learn more about how radars work and determine if they are suitable for your project, visit or contact us at +55 11 93389-8133.

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