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How to perform monitoring and perimeter protection of areas surrounded by water

The perimeter area is the most challenging layer in a security project. It is through this area that criminals attempt to invade the property, whether for vandalism, theft, or accessing other parts of the company. The surveillance mission becomes even more critical when the facility is surrounded by water, as is the case with hydroelectric power plants.

In addition to the difficulties in detecting targets with a conventional monitoring system, these areas are yet another invasion point for criminals who may use watercraft such as boats to access the property. There are also weather and environmental adversities that hinder camera visibility and can quickly wear out equipment. Furthermore, there is a need to invest in significant infrastructure to implement the security system, such as cabling and electrical components.

One way to solve this problem is by using security radars for perimeter protection of large areas, especially those involving rivers and seas. This solution requires minimal infrastructure and maintenance, as it can transmit signals via radio and be powered by solar energy. The equipment can also operate fully in adverse weather and lighting conditions and can detect targets even if the visibility of integrated cameras is compromised.

Security expert and CEO of Ôguen, Hen Harel, explains the advantages of radars for perimeter security. "In projects where there is a large area to be monitored, it is ideal to use Magos radars because, in addition to providing early detection and classification of targets, the solution drastically reduces the need for cameras and sensors. In a hydroelectric project, for example, the radar can identify intruders approaching from both the land area and the water area, classifying them as human, animal, vehicle, watercraft, etc.," he explained.

With just one Magos radar, it is possible to cover an area of up to 600,000 square meters, capable of identifying 100 targets simultaneously with a detection range of up to 1,000 meters. "One of the strategies of the radars is to provide active and preventive security for the company. Criminals can be identified while still far from the property, giving operators time to activate their rapid response protocols, intervening in the criminal activity at its early stages, avoiding any type of damage to assets or the facility," said Kleber Reis, Commercial and Operations Director at Ôguen.

To learn more about how radars work and whether they are ideal for your project, visit or contact us at +55 11 93389-8133.

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