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Different types of perimeter security for logistics and distribution centers

With the increase in crime in warehouses, storage facilities, and logistics installations, installing only a perimeter fence is no longer sufficient. Besides the stock, criminals may target company vehicles, equipment, and other types of materials. Most of the time, thieves resort to extreme violence, invading locations heavily armed and taking employees hostage.

Physical barriers, gates, and access control are merely minimum security measures. With the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, it is possible to anticipate and even predict events, enabling the security team to intervene in criminal actions before they become a problem.

Ôguen, a distributor of innovative Israeli technologies, has brought high-reaching and early detection solutions to Brazil. One such solution is the Magos Security Radar, an advanced civilian sensor that provides coverage of over 600,000 square meters with just one device. This solution is ideal for projects with vast areas to be monitored, such as logistics and distribution centers.

In this way, if criminals attempt to invade the property, whether by hiding in vegetation areas surrounding the location, or using vehicles, boats, or drones, the radars can detect and classify the threat in real-time from up to 1,000 meters away. A notification is sent to the control center, and containment actions begin to be executed, all before the criminals can get close to areas like warehouses.

"This layered security brings more protection and efficiency to the security operation. The more space we have to work on prevention, the more effective the result. We can detect intruders long before they approach areas of interest, all thanks to the radar's long-range coverage and identification capabilities. The equipment can detect 100 targets simultaneously and exclude 'friendly targets', meaning people authorized to be in that location, thus avoiding false alarms", explained Hen Harel, CEO of Ôguen.

For patrols, monitoring, inspections, and even rapid response missions, Ôguen has introduced Easy Aerial drones to the market. The technology, capable of performing automated flights in tethered (24-hour uninterrupted operation), free flight, or hybrid configuration, is ideal for areas with challenging terrains, such as locations surrounded by water, dense vegetation, steep areas, poorly lit areas, and vast areas to be monitored. This is because the drone can overcome all these obstacles, providing a privileged view of the installation and covering all security gaps that may occur due to area vulnerability.

radar magos
Each radar replaces a large number of fixed cameras.

"Drones are being increasingly used by security managers, not only for their high coverage capacity but also for the flexibility of the solution. They can be used to map the area, conduct patrols, and provide situational awareness in the event of an intrusion attempt, as they can reach the location before the ground team, as well as other possibilities, such as assisting the operational team in truck inspections, access control, and so on", said engineer Kleber Reis, commercial and operations director of Ôguen.

Both the Magos Radar and the Automated Easy Aerial Drones are available in Brazil and have been applied in dozens of security projects throughout the country. If you want to learn more about how the solutions work and if the equipment is ideal for your project, visit or contact them at +55 11 93389-8133.

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