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Ôguen introduces an unprecedented Israeli drone fleet management system to the market

Ôguen, a distributor of innovative Israeli technologies, brings to Brazil a groundbreaking solution aimed at simplifying drone fleet management: Mission Control By High Lander. The system allows operators to manage multiple aircraft simultaneously through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, enabling full control of all aspects of missions, from takeoff to landing.

With just a few clicks, Mission Control allows commanding multiple drones, monitoring real-time missions on a map, creating automated missions, detecting and tracking targets, performing precise landings, and checking the location and flight conditions of each drone in real-time, allowing for individual adjustments.

"Regardless of fleet size, Mission Control enables tracking and creating customized routes, planning missions in advance, and transmitting images and videos in real-time. The platform is compatible with all drones currently available in the market, making the integration of new aircraft extremely easy," explained Hen Harel, CEO of Ôguen.

Benefits of Mission Control:

Collision prevention: As the system monitors all active drones, the solution is capable of automatically making deviations and navigation adjustments to avoid route conflicts in the air.

Object detection: The platform is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technologies that can identify, count, and track specific objects such as people and vehicles, making security projects, for example, more efficient and proactive.

Live image transmission: Unlike many operations that require the operator to remove a memory card from the aircraft to view images, Mission Control allows real-time transmission of videos captured by the drone's camera. The recipient receives a link, enabling them to view everything in real-time without the need to download applications.

Remote aircraft adjustment: The software allows the operator to remotely activate and adjust the drone in operation, such as camera movement, lights, speakers and sirens, among others.

The solution can be applied in delivery, security and surveillance, agriculture, topography, and mapping projects, as well as inspection missions, boosting operational efficiency, maximizing the potential of the aircraft, and enhancing results.

The technology is already available in Brazil through Ôguen. Request a demonstration via the website or contact them at +55 11 93389-8133.

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