Physical Security

We offer multiple levels of solutions for companies that seek to guarantee the safety of it’s premises and the lives related to them.  We believe that as the needs vary according to the target and the amount invested, solutions should be flexible and adapt to each reality, but always with efficiency in resource usage.

Risk Analysis and Conclusions:

At the fist level, we offer the basic service module. Risk analysis is the core activity and is vital to achieving good results in the elaboration of a security concept. In it all aspects related to security are valued: region it’s located, perimeter and access, internal ambiance, human resources (security team), routine and emergency procedures, tools and technologies, budget (investments vs. security level), and all other associated aspects. After that, a security strategy is formulated and presented in reports containing all conclusions about: the current situation, vulnerabilities, adequate solutions and potential economy. With the report in hands, the client have all the necessary conditions to implement the desired strategy.

Physical and Electronic Safety On-site Project


At the second level, we offer a more specific solution model, in which, after the elaboration of Risk Analysis and Conclusion, we develop a project on-site contemplating the recommended equipment, it’s technical specifics, it’s positioning and the quotation of three different companies in the market. Besides that, this solution also counts with the overseeing of the implementation of the electronic project, in which we act as quality control.

Integrated Security Plan

Third level offers a complete solution in what refers to the ‘security tripod’ (read more here), contemplating the strategic concept elaborated from the Risk Analysis (1.1), the Physical and Electronic Safety On-site (1.2) – which is about the technical means and equipment – and working with human resources, including a work procedures manual, training, team building (when necessary), and workforce qualification so they are able to  execute the designed strategy and act integrated with the various technologies.

Integral Security Consulting

Integral consulting is about a continuous solution module. It starts with the elaboration of an Integrated Security Plan (1.3), followed by the continuous overseeing by our security consultants, with weekly visits for auditioning,  security workforce training and evaluation, and monitoring the possible changes in the environment that may demand strategic modifications in the security plan. The biggest advantage of this model is that it guarantees the long-term quality, as the consultant is responsible for maintaining the security level, and therefore, preventing failures born from the lack of proper supervision and the weakness of the ‘human factor’. 

Security Manager Allocation

Lastly, when the risk level is complex and demand constant supervision, we offer the allocation of an exclusive security manager for the client’s facilities. This way, the security department is led by an employee oversaw by Ôguen, and there is no need for the client to dedicate their time to accompany him, benefiting from the department management by a specialized, professional and experienced company. Besides the professional’s full dedication to a single client allows for a steeper learning curve, while granting a better ‘know how’ in that business particularities.


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