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Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention department is the one responsible for the development of business solutions aimed to stop the losses from the risks present in all kinds of trades.

Security Management in the Supply Chain

This consulting type deals with the risks present in the complex process of cargo handling, e in the activities associated with internal and cross-organizational logistics, which is part of a determined supply chain. Each process step, which varies from business to business, is analyzed thinking from the very acquisition of the raw materials until the finished product is bought by the client. In the same way that the chains are different, our solutions bring flexibility for different needs with different propositions, but always based in our efficient methodology

Procedure Risk Analysis:

It’s common for companies to look out for the external risks they are exposed to, but the internal ones, though usually not given enough attention, can bring equal, if not bigger losses to the organization. This way, the risk treatment present in processes that are intrinsic to the business are of extreme importance. Our solutions delve deep in investigating each aspect of every process, searching for vulnerabilities that may cause frauds or losses to the business.

Anti-spy Sweeping Management

Another risk looming over most business, it that of information leakage. There are multiple techniques and methods for implanting voice, data and image capture devices for acquiring determined confidential information, be it for personal use or sale. We act with management of both environmental and telephonic sweeping, for the detection of these illegal practices. To obtain success, it is necessary that the sweeping is accompanied by a plan, and executed according to the right methodology and with state-of-the-art equipment. Besides all that, depending of how critical the situation is, it may be necessary that the sweeping be made in an extra confidential way, for these cases, we offer solutions with Israeli teams that come for this exact job, allowing no risk of information leakage that may compromise the expected results.


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