Innovative Israeli Technologies

The security segment main characteristic the demand for lightning-fast reactions, once the slightest delay in response can prove fatal. For that, we believe that innovation in this segment holds a great role in overcoming risks, be they known or not.

This way, we work proactively in search of new technologies that can change the way security is made, importing cutting-edge software and hardware from the Israeli market and raising a technological bridge with Israel, which is a core power in technology development for the strategic segment. 

We do not offer common technology, like cameras, control access, biometric readers, and so on. We invest our resources in importing really innovative and unusual technologies, that represent real gains in it’s application

Our portfolio is in constant expansion, since we continuously perform the accompanying and study of the Israeli security market, scouting new products and services, and commercializing the innovations that quickly supply the needs of the global market.


Check our portfolio of innovative technologies from Israel:

New technologies coming soon!

Solutions for Companies
private and public

Cyber Security

Event Security Management

Loss Prevention

Intelligence and Investigations

Executive Security Management

Physical Security

Solutions Homes and Families

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Personal Security Management

Physical Security


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