Ôguen - Cyber Security

Cyber Security

In this particular department, the changes in attack forms are very fast, therefore solutions must evolve even faster. Besides the development of cybernetic security services, we have access to cutting edge technology from Israel, which is a modern day potency in their development.


The Pentest, penetration testing, is made to detect and explore existing vulnerabilities, through simulated hacker attacks, testing the effectiveness of the defense mechanisms and measuring the possible consequences a failure may cost to corporate information. The tests are made in Networks (LAN/WAN), data communication, gateways, extranet, intranet, VPN and more, and through them it’s possible to determine what needs to be fixed in order to increase the security barriers and discourage attacks.

Digital Forensics and Cybernetic Investigations:

We perform service of collection and examination of digital evidences, data and attack reconstruction, invader identification and tracking. Through the use of multiple developed techniques, this service serves the purpose of identifying and combating illicit activities, granting information that may minimize financial losses, maintain corporate reputation and gather concrete evidence for a possible litigation.

Data Protection and Cryptography:

The services of data protection and cryptography keep corporate data stored safely, as does the communication done through the internet, such as e-mails, bank transactions and website access.

SGSI Construction (Information Security Management System):

We offer the service of company preparation for certificate acquirement in Information Security Management System, so they may submit to the validation of the appropriate agencies.


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