About Ôguen

We are consultants in security and risks, founded and managed by Israeli specialists that work daily in all projects. We follow the methodology of the Israeli security systems, by which, the prevention of every kind of risk should be done through protection rings, aiming to reduce vulnerabilities.


Our team accumulates rich experience, acting with the army, in intelligence units and later in the security of embassies and Israeli diplomats around the world. In the last 15 years, we specialized ourselves in the civilian market in Latin America and actually possess the biggest operation in Brazil.


Our mission is to provide creative and practical solutions against all kinds of risks that exists nowadays, in the areas of physical security, personal, information and cybernetic.


Our basic principle is the utilization of resources with efficiency and efficacy, offering solutions that provide reasonable investments according to the target and to the client’s budget. We elaborate strategies that bring an increase in security quality and, whenever possible, decrease in it’s associated costs.


We are not a company that offers operational workforce (guards and gatekeepers) or common security equipment (cameras, access control, biometric readers, etc.). Because of that, our solutions are non-biased and bring the best cost-benefit to the client, since there are no conflicting interests, as opposed to what happens at some companies of this sector in Brazil.


Rua Nove de Julho, 72 - Cj. 55, Torre Norte - Santo Amaro - CEP 04739-010 São Paulo, SP  - Brasil | E-mail: contato@oguen.com Tel.: +55 11 5521 0944